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High Brow Blues

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Feb 10 2017: Tweed is pleased to announce the release of their highly-anticipated debut album, High-Brow Blues. From a band making waves in Auckland's acoustic music scene, High-Brow Blues is a lively, earnest reflection on the peculiar shared experience of circling a star.     

Those harmonies make for a magic that - combined with the sparkling sound of acoustic guitar picking and an unusual tendency to weave in complex time signatures and write conceptually - put ‘High-Brow Blues’ in hallowed company.
It’s not since the debut Waves album in 1975 that we’ve had a NZ folk-rock album quite like this.
— Gary Steel, Metro Magazine
They have excellent’s fantastic!
— The Great Albums Podcast 2017
It’s all meaningful lyrics and shared vocals to the fore in a part-rollicking, part-reflective, always thoughtful 10 track offering.
Wherever they go, this trio are musicians to the bone. Meet Tweed, an alternative folk band weaving together harmonies and lyrics in new and exciting ways.

In the modern era, bouncing between homespun memoir and politically charged opinion is an essential part of what folk music has presented to the world - and with a team like Tweed in the musical vanguard, we should count ourselves lucky.
— NZ Musician Magazine

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