Debut Album

High-brow Blues


"Wherever they go, this trio are musicians to the bone. Meet Tweed, an alternative folk band weaving together harmonies and lyrics in new and exciting ways."- NZ Musician Magazine


Tweed is an Auckland-based alternative folk band.

Vocals, Guitar / Nancy Howie

Vocals, Percussion, Cajon / Devin Ashton

Vocals, Mandolin / Steff Werman

"Their harmonies make for a magic that - combined with the sparkling sound of acoustic guitar picking and an unusual tendency to weave in complex time signatures and write conceptually - put ‘High-Brow Blues’ in hallowed company. It's not since the debut Waves album in 1975 that we've had a NZ folk-rock album quite like this. " - Gary Steel Metro Magazine

The band formed early in 2012, after two of its members returned from a year of overseas van-dwelling with a collection of homemade songs. In 2013, Tweed released their debut EP, Buzzwords, and were commissioned to write, arrange and perform the score for Don't Blink Theatre Company's production of Vinegar Tom. The band have since worked on honing a distinctive style of catchy melodies, poly-rhythms, and tight-knit, complex vocal harmonies. Tweed play widely in folk clubs and music venues around Auckland and have carved a niche within the city's burgeoning youth folk scene, opening 2016s Auckland Folk Festival.

It's honest songwriting...with a very unpretentious feel. Traditional motifs are delivered in a modern fashion with relaxed confidence, a cohesive vibe and some great harmonies.” - NZ Musician

Tweed has a harmony-rich vintage sound reminiscent of the Beach Boys, Crosby, Stills & Nash, and Joni Mitchell, and cites the Punch Brothers, Joan Armatrading, and Ani diFranco as main influences. The band released their first full-length album, High-Brow Blues in February 2017. 



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January 2017 / Live from 13th Floor

WATER / The Chain (cover)

August 2015 / Live from Karepiro Bay.